Full-time learning after Year 11

Student carrying booksColleges, schools with sixth forms, sixth form colleges and training providers offer some or all of the following types of full-time courses:

  • Job specific - in subjects such as childcare, engineering, catering, motor vehicle or construction, for example joinery.  They usually lead to NVQ or VQ qualifications.
  • Practical/vocational (or work-related) - in broader career-related courses, such as art and design, health and social care or business.  Good if you like projects and course work.  They lead to qualifications, such as BTECs, Cambridge Nationals or Cambridge Technicals, and AS and A levels in applied subjects.
  • Academic - in a broad range of subjects, such as history, French or maths.  Good if you like to study and you do well in exams.  They lead to qualifications, such as AS and A levels. 

Look at Qualifications to find out more.

    • Sixth form colleges and school sixth forms/UTCs offer level 2 and 3 courses, including GCSEs, As and A levels, as well as some practical/vocational qualifications
    • Colleges of further education offer many job specific and practical/vocational courses at a range of levels but they don't always offer academic qualifications, such as A levels
    • Training providers offer job specific and practical/vocational courses, mainly at entry levels, and level 1 and 2. They also offer apprenticeships at Level 2, Level 3 and above.
Female student

Case study

Beth Wilby

I’ve found college completely different from school, but in a good way. I like the feel of the college I attend and also the different facilities such as the coffee shops and dining area. One surprise has been the amount of work I need to complete on my Level 3 BTEC (63kb PDF)

Read more from Beth

Check out local schools, colleges and training provider websites and see 'More to explore' on the top right of this page to find out more about local schools and colleges. If you want to study in Kirklees you can also look for courses on  UCAS Progress

Some specialist courses are only available at colleges in the region – Burnley, Manchester Leeds and elsewhere, for example some agriculture, building trades or music courses. Check FindFE, search UCAS Progress and talk to your careers adviser in school or college.

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Quick guide to qualifications

Students getting their exam resultsUse this guide to find out...

  • about the level and names of qualifications
  • what qualifications you can study full-time or part-time.


  • that you will have to study English and maths to Level 2, which is equal to GCSE grade 5/4 (or grade C) if you haven't got them yet
  • whatever level you choose you can move up to the next level if you get the grades.

Qualifications and entry requirements explained

Entry Level Entry Level 1, 2 and 3
Level 1 Grade E (new grades Grade 3) GCSEs, NVQs/VQs, awards/certificates/diplomas
Level 2 GCSEs, NVQs/VQsawards/certificates/diplomas
Level 3 AS and A levels, NVQs/VQs, awards/certificates/diplomas and other qualifications
Levels 4 to 6 Higher education – certificates/diplomas, NVQs/VQsfoundation degrees, degrees
Levels 7 to 8 Postgraduate and professional – Masters, PhD

Remember to check GOV.UK to find out which schools, colleges and training providers offer courses leading to these qualifications and take a look at the short UCAS qualification reform videos for an introduction to some of the changes discussed in the links above.

Think about...

  • your predicted grades
  • the way you learn – do you like exams, prefer course work, want to study part-time
  • doing a range of subjects or specialising in one or two
  • the type of qualification that's right for you AND what you are thinking of doing.

Unsure about what you want to do? Check job and course entry requirements and choose subjects that work together.

More to explore

GOV.UK - compare different qualification levels
UK NARIC - overseas qualifications and UK comparisons

Ofqual - the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations
Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) - find an English qualication

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)
European Qualifications

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Putting YOUth first

PYF-Logo1At C&K Careers we pride ourselves in involving you in our projects.  

Your ideas and opinions are important to the work we do, and ‘Putting YOUth first’ is our way of making sure you have a voice.
‘Putting YOUth first’ allows your voice to be heard by getting involved directly with our projects and events.
Interested in taking part? Get in touch with us using the message box at the bottom of this page.

Projects you can get involved in

Jemma receiving her certificate for helping us from YvonneAt C&K Careers you can get involved in a number of different projects.  These are just some things you can help us with - we are planning more over the next year:

Recruitment and selection - this means having a say in the staff we employ at C&K Careers.  Even interviewing candidates for jobs, including manager and careers adviser positions.

Mystery shopping - visiting our Careers Centres and judging the service you receive.  You will feedback your findings to one of our managers!

Being a participation champion - this means being available for us to consult you about our services and products.  It could be we ask you to give us feedback on one of our publications or a new service we are developing.  We might ask you to do this by email or feedback in person with a group of other young people. We may suggest you ask others to give us feedback too.



Jemma told us she wanted to get involved and ended up making a film called Steps2Train. With our support, Jemma was filmed interviewing trainees and their managers at seven different training providers in Calderdale. The film will be used to help other young people find out about the training they can do and take the first step towards their career goals. Or read it (67kb PDF).

Watch this clip from Jemma’s film

Thank you so much for listening and acting on everything that the young people said, so many people ask their opinions and then don’t act on their suggestions.
Michelle Ross, Young People's Voice and Influence Worker. Kirklees Youth Council, commenting on the development of ckcareersonline.

What do you get out of it?

A chance to...

  • make decisions about our products and services
  • meet other young people from Calderdale and Kirklees
  • develop different skills and knowledge - we will give you a certificate to say what you have done
  • be rewarded with a voucher for some activities

And it will look great on your CV!

Interested in getting involved?

Send us your details and we will send you more information about the projects.

If you are not sure about getting involved and have more questions, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we will get back to you!

Fill out my online form.

Teenage parents or parents to be

Teenage parentsLooking for help and advice?

Contact our specialist careers advisers:


Case study


Georgia left school at 16 hoping to become a midwife. She was undergoing hospital treatment when she got some life changing news, which meant she had to leave college. When Georgia's daughter was born, she didn't leave the house and felt her plans were over until she was contacted by one of our advisers. Melissa helped Georgia regain her confidence and with her new found determination, follow her dream (60kb PDF).

Read more about Georgia

Want to talk to someone?

Any of our careers advisers will help you, call into your nearest careers centre – get in touch with the centre team.

Or ring 01484 225500 and ask for Infoline; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; use our Infoline feedback form; Text: Info, followed by your message to 07786 202804

Get in touch with your nearest centre:


Parents with Prospects

Danny talks about his training at Parents with Prospects.

Vicky, the trainer tells Jemma what trainees can do on the PwP training programme or read it (65kb PDF).

Other help

  • Kirklees Home Start T: 01484 421925. Family support and runs groups for young parents/parents to be.
  • Some local children’s centres in Kirklees offer young parents/parents to be support.
  • Auntie Pam’s - Dewsbury and North Kirklees T: 01924 438316; Huddersfield and South Kirklees T: 01484 414775 - advice for mums-to-be, pregnancy information; clothes and books swap shop; relationships; housing; benefits.
  • Bubbalicious - information and advice for parents of unplanned pregnancy or facing baby loss.
  • Talkthru’ T: 01484 515137 - pregnancy choices support; pregnancy loss; services for young people; new parent services; support for young fathers.


  • Login and search careersinfo logo for the information you need.

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16-24 not fixed up

Under 18 kids not fixt upIf you're under 19 or you're aged 16 to 24 with special educational needs and/or disabilities

Our careers advisers can help you with your career and job search, including apprenticeships and training. They offer benefits advice and will support you to get other help you may need, especially if you find yourself in difficult circumstances. Where needed, they work with other agencies, for example adult health and social care.

Check out our careers centres guide to see the help our careers advisers offer in our Dewsbury, Halifax and Huddersfield centres (774kb PDF).

Calderdale College January starts 
(64kb PDF)

As well as offering advice and support, our advisers can help you find training, including from Entry Level 1 to Level 1 and 2, if you live in the:

Not ready or not sure? Contact your nearest centre to find out about other training that could help you

Our Statement of Service a promise to all who use our services (93kb PDF)


Project Challenge

Find out what Seanna and Kieron think about their time at Project Challenge.

Listen to Lorna explaining to Jemma what is involved or read it (67kb PDF).

If you're over 19

Our adult careers advisers will help you think about your career options, find out about training and education opportunities and identify other help you may need, including benefits, money for study and more.

You can drop-in and speak to an adviser Monday to Friday - see our services leaflet above for opening times, or you can arrange an appointment - see below for opening times.


  • Login and search careersinfo logo for the information you need.

Want to talk to someone?

Your C&K Careers school or college careers adviser can help and advise you – get in touch with the careers team in school.

Or ring 01484 225500 and ask for Infoline; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; use our Infoline feedback form; Text: Info, followed by your message to 07786 202804

Get in touch with your nearest centre:

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Our careers advisers are based at:

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