Shape your Future

March 2017 Issue 7 1The National Careers Service newsletter about job trends

Shape your Future includes snippets of information about 

  • tips on where to find careers info
  • trends in different job areas
  • advice about pay, qualifications and skills
  • and much more ...
Shape your future is aimed at 13 to 19 year olds but much of the information is helpful to anyone thinking about their future.

Latest issue:

Issue 11 - March 2018 (583kb PDF) - this issue includes the Future Finder quiz, Future Goals - local career opportunities, green jobs, work with animals, Phillips 66 oil refinery, and higher and degree apprenticeships

Shape your Future issue 11 




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Previous issues

Issue 10- includes a job match quiz, making that application count, Bloodhound SSC - the supersonic car, skills for the future, construction in the fast lane, snippets about hairdressing and beauty therapy and the Gunpowder Plot quiz
Issue 9 - includes the wheel of strengths and apprenticeships, 'It’s not just factory work', biology week, working in the motor industry and a career in podiatry
Issue 8 - includes working in construction, it is rocket science!, want to work in gaming, jobs of the future, want to work outdoors and working in finance
Issue 7 - includes skills and careers, job guessing game), women flying high, careers with children, career test, thinking about university and not going to uni

Issue 6 - includes which animal are you, thinking about working in catering and hospitality, interested in physics, want to work in sport and fitness, applying for apprenticeships, how employable are you and think you know what these jobs involve
Issue 5 - includes is engineering for you, interested in working in healthcare and will a robot take your job
Issue 4 - includes apprenticeship videos, get creative with digital, digital skills and working in logistics
Issue 3 - includes more about engineering, looking for jobs and apprenticeships, the more you learn, the more you earn and want to be Prime Minister

Issue 2 - includes grades and subjects you need for different courses after Year 11, apprenticeships, STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects at degree level, focus on construction and what are the creative industries
Issue 1 - includes job growth, changing technology and the skills demand, jobs past present and future, careers in the future and skills employers want

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