The UK job market

ALL job sectors will be recruiting ...

... because many people will be retiring and some will change jobs

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Job growth includes:

  • Business services will drive growth, adding over 1.3m jobs
  • Retail, accommodation and catering are expected to grow moderately, adding 640,000 jobs
  • Construction will grow driven by demand for housing and infrastructure projects, adding 300,000 jobs
  • Health and social care will continue to grow due to the ageing population
  • Business, science, engineering and technology, and teaching will need more people with high levels qualifications
  • Carers and elementary administration and service occupations, such as clerical, cleaners, security guards, kitchen assistants) will have a high demand

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 Find out what the key UK trends are in 19 different job sectors - click on the individual sector images to see information on job growth or loss, pay and more from Emsi economic modelling


Job losses include:

  • Public sector and manufacturing will both have smaller shares of jobs – but both will have vacancies because of replacement demand from people retiring etc
  • Skilled and semi-skilled manual jobs
  • Traditional clerical jobs
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Top 10 occupations expected to recruit the most people by 2024:

  • Managers and directors, such as chief executives, production managers - 1.89m
  • Caring and personal services, such as care workers, nursing auxiliaries - 1.47m
  • Elementary administration and service jobs, such as security guards, cleaners, shelf fillers, bar staff - 1.37m
  • Business and public service associate professionals, such as accounting technicians, insurance underwriters - 1.3m
  • Business, media and public service professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, surveyors - 1.04m
  • Administrative jobs, such as finance officers, pensions and insurance clerks, sales administrators - 1.04m
  • Teaching and education professionals - 920,000
  • Health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, radiographers, pharmacists - 795,000
  • Science, research, engineering and technology professionals, such as engineers, chemists, IT professionals - 747,000
  • Sales - 639,000

All jobs sectors will be recruiting due to people retiring or changing jobs. The number of jobs in the UK is expected to grow each year by around 0.5%. Start by searching for local vacancies 

The number of jobs in occupations that need a high level qualification, such as a degree or technician level qualification, is expected to continue growing but more slowly than between 2004 and 2014.

Page updated April 2016

 Sources: UKCES: Working Futures 2014 to 2024; April 2016


Soft skills are important to ALL employers

... across all businesses

Job-related skills are important too

  • Job-related skills are learnt on the job and during training. They include practical skills, technical skills and other specialist skills. What you learn will depend on the job you do.

The most important skills we want from young people applying for our apprenticeships are interpersonal skills - natural communicators, keen to give a good service. British Gas.

  • Soft skills, sometimes called employability skills, transferrable skills or interpersonal skills, are very important and include:



Speaking and writing clearly
Write your emails, letters, CV in full. Try not to use 'text speak'

Customer service

Being helpful and pleasant
To your customers, clients and the people you work with

Team working

Working together
Helping the people you work with, thinking about what you can do to make other people's jobs better, so your company can be successful

Problem solving

Sorting out daily problems
Acting quickly and for the
benefit of customers and everyone in the company

Information Technology

Basic computing
Being able to use a PC, email, and other software, such as Word and basic Excel 

Literacy and numeracy

Good basic English and maths
Sometimes called basic skills or functional skills. Being able to read, write and work with numbers


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Expected to get or already have good qualifications?

You need a high level of soft skills to match

Employers expect you to offer more

If you've got a degree or A levels or equivalent, you will be expected to offer some of the skills below:

  • High level soft skillsSelf-management - overcoming challenges, asking for help; wearing suitable clothes; knowing how to behave

  • Understanding the business - how your job fits within the business; recognising customer and service user needs; judging risks; contributing ideas

  • Building relationships

  • Working together and communicating - co-operating; being assertive; persuading; taking responsibility for others; speaking clearly and listening to replies

  • Showing determination and resilience - working hard in difficult circumstances

  • Thinking and solving problems - being creative; learning/reflecting on your actions; proiritising work; analysing situations; finding solutions

  • Taking risks - if things go wrong, learning from them and sharing them with others

  • Using drive and initiative - making a difference somewhere

  • Demonstrating interest - wherever you work

  • Working to deadlines - working within time constraints; budgets and with limited resources

  • Dealing with setbacks - overcoming problems with a positive 'can do' attitude

You can start to develop these skills by for example,
doing work experience,
getting a part-time or temporary jobs, doing voluntary work
or getting involved in clubs and societies

 The top 10 skills businesses may need in 2020 is expected to change due to, for example artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, genetics and biotechnology.

  Top 10 skills needed for business in 2020 are: Top 10 skills needed for business in 2015 were:
1. Complex problem solving Complex problem solving
2.  Critical thinking Coordinating with others
3.  Creativity People management
4.  People management Critical thinking
5.  Coordinating with others Negotiation
6.  Emotional intelligence Quality control
7.  Judgement and decision making Service orientation
8.  Service orientation Judgement and decision making
9.  Negotiation Active listening
10.  Cognitive flexibility Creativity
Source: The Future of Jobs, published by the World Economic Forum

Page updated March 2017

How do employers fill their vacancies?

The answer is ...

... in lots of different ways

 Trends chart 2017

45% of jobs are never advertised

Source: UKCES Employers' Perspective Survey 2016, published June 2017

82% of employers use more than one way to advertise their vacancies - 91% use word of mouth, social media and their own website, and 69% use local press, careers services and Government services, such as the Jobcentre. Check notice boards and shop windows too. 

This means you need to use lots of ways to find a job

Ask family and friends if they know of any jobs going, get them to spread the word that you are looking for work, and don't forget to visit local employers and leave your CVAND search for jobs online - set up alerts to your inbox.

Page updated October 2017

Yorkshire's fastest growing 50 companies

... for 2016

in alphabetical order:

  • Advanced Forwarding Limited, Bradford; logistics and international freight forwarding services
  • AJ Foam Ltd, Dewsbury, manufacturers and stocks memory mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers
  • Auto Silicone Hoses, Mirfield, the UK’s largest manufacturer, distributor and stockist of performance silicone hoses and performance race parts for the automotive sector
  • Caval Limited, Leeds: Caval is a construction recruitment specialist which operates across a range of sectors. Clients include Laing O’Rourke, Balfour Beatty and Interserve
  • Chippindale Plant, Leeds, provides a hire and sales service to the construction sector with products including plant, tools, attachments and site accommodation
  • Concept Recruitment, Leeds, recruitment specialist in the industrial, technical, driving, on-site managed service and healthcare and clinical sectors
  • Conservatory Outlet, Wakefield, a UK-wide network of home improvement companies, specialising in the installation of double glazing windows, replacement doors, conservatories and bespoke orangeries
  • Construction Marine Ltd, Leeds, civil engineering specialist’s services including rail construction and maintenance, highway maintenance and marine civil engineering
  • Corinthian Brands Limited, Knaresborough, manufactures and sells a range of soft and alcoholic drinks.
  • D.M. Keith Ltd, Leeds, motor dealership
  • Drawn Metal Group, Leeds, shopfront and façade specialist
  • ESP Systex, Hul, provides online payment and ticketing solutions
  • Express Bi-folding Doors, Leeds, leading specialist manufacturer and installer of bespoke aluminium folding, sliding door, aluminium window and roofing products
  • Ford Windows, Sheffield, manufactures and installs PVCu windows, doors and conservatories
  • GB Terminals (Northern) Limited, Grimsby, part of the GBA Group, which provides transport and logistical services to motor manufacturers and shipping lines
  • GH Brooks, Harrogate, builder’s merchant
  • Global Autocare, Leeds, vehicle maintenance centre
  • Guardian Electrical Solutions Limited, Sheffield, provider of electrical safety services, specifically inspection and testing of fixed installations
  • Harron Group Limited, Leeds, housebuilder across Yorkshire and the Midlands
  • High Seat Holdings Ltd, Batley, maker of hand-made furniture
  • High Street TV, Harrogate:, shopping channel retailer includng TV, online, print sales and via high street chains
  • Hudson Contract Services, Bridlington, audit, contract and payroll services to the construction industry
  • K Rouse Civil Engineers, Leeds, subcontractor in roads & sewers infrastructure, commercial and residential groundworks, civil engineering, and specialist works for the rail, utility and power sectors
  • Mac’s Transport (Northern) Limited, Huddersfield, truck sales
  • Magma Ceramics & Catalysts, Dewsbury, manufacturer and global supplier of a range of refractory, ceramic and catalyst materials and technology
  • Martech UK Ltd, Dewsbury, designer, manufacturer and supplier a range of lighting solutions to original equipment manufacturers
  • Meridian Motor Group Limited, Knaresborough, operates franchised car dealerships across the North of England and the Midlands
  • Microgard Ltd, Hull, manufacturer of chemical protective clothing for workers
  • Morris & Co (Handlers) Limited, Doncaster, scrap metal processing and recycling company
  • Mosaic Print Management, York, offers business services in marketing, financial print, direct mail, stationery and corporate gifts
  • Navartis Limited, Doncaster, specialist project-focused technical recruitment company in the global transportation, civil engineering and utility industries
  • PC Specialist Ltd, Wakefield, sells a range of computers
  • Penmoor UK Ltd, Huddersfield, rents and leases a range of equipment and machinery
  • Pet Brands, Dewsbury, designs and manufactures accessories and treats for pets and wild birds, globally
  • Platinum Stairlifts, Keighley, manufactures and supplies domestic curved and straight stairlifts for UK and international customersPrinciple UK, Huddersfield, part of the Principle group, which provides a range of brand implementation services to global brands
  • Riverside Motors, Barnsley, car dealership operates from locations across Yorkshire
  • RPP Group Holdings, Leeds, specialises in providing quantity surveying services
  • Serius Group Limited, York, specialises in metal recycling services
  • SICL, Leeds, specialising in IT service and solutions to customers in the corporate, SME and public sector
  • Simon Gibson Transport, Goole, transport company specialising in bulk powder and granular product transport, handling and storage
  • Smith Bros, Doncaster, services all areas of mainland Britain with electrical maintenance and installation equipment
  •, Shipley, sells a range of specialist sport shoes, equipment and clothing
  • Strata Homes Limited, Doncaster, home builder across Yorkshire and the Midlands
  • Styrene Packaging & Insulation Ltd, Bradford, manufacturer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, building and packaging products
  • Triton Construction Ltd, Liversedge, provides construction services across the North of England
  • Vickers Oils, Leeds, global supplier of high performance, speciality textile oils
  • Walker Modular, Hull, manufactures and supplies of bathroom and kitchen ‘pods’ to hotels, student accommodation specialists and hospitals
  • Xiros, Leeds, develops a range of implants, fixation devices and surgical techniques
  • York Mailing Limited, York, printer of short lead time, high volume, press-finished retail flyers, media inserts and leaflets

Source: The companies in this list have been selected from a table of the fastest growing profit-making, private, regional companies, based on turnover growth for the last three years to 31 December 2015, as compiled by researchers at Bradford University School of Management for Ward Hadaway, using data which is publicly available at Companies House of UK listed companies


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