Choosing your options

Student choosing optionsYour school will ask you to choose the subjects you'll study in Year 10 and Year 11...

...during Year 8 or Year 9

There's lots of support and information to help you choose - tell us what you think about Directions 2018 - our options booklet

At your school's option choice evening your:

    • teachers will tell you about the qualifications on offer, what they cover and how you will be examined
    • school careers adviser from C&K Careers will also be there to explain how your choices can affect your future career plans


              • Most jobs want some GCSEs but don't ask for specific GCSEs or other qualifications. Some ask for English, maths and sometimes science but you have to study these anyway.
              • Choose subjects you enjoy and do well in, think about new subjects and the importance of each to your career ideas.
              • Think about the type of person you are, rather than what your friends want to do, the teachers you like or whether you are a boy or girl.
              • Think about how you like to learn, exams or coursework
              • Do your research – into qualifications and careers.
              • Not all GCSE subjects will be offered by your school but most will.

The Government is encouraging more young people to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects because they will give you the skills you need for a wide range of jobs but remember it's important to make sure you choose a course or subjects that you like and are good at. Check out the Your Life website to see the careers available when you study science and maths.


                • Login and search careersinfo logo for information on subjects, your career ideas and Directions, our Year 8 and Year 9 workbook:
Directions 2018

Directions - choosing your options in Year 8 and 9, including the things you need to think about. 


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