musical notesHave a go at performing, listening to, reviewing and evaluating (decide what makes good and bad) music...

...across a range of historical periods, types, styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians.

It won’t all be about classical music, there will be lessons on, for example pop, rock, jazz, opera, world music, folk, ska and reggae, as well as theatre, film and TV music.

Singing and using your voice is part of the course too and if you want to, you can learn to play a musical instrument, as well as use technology to create and produce music.

You'll learn:

  • about different composers
  • how to write music (compose) on your own and with others
  • about musical terms and how to use them, such as pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo (rhythm), timbre (tone/sound), texture, structure and musical notations (different ways of writing music down).

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