microscopeStudied as three separate subects...

...biology, chemistry and physics

Biology is the study of living things and how they work.

Chemistry covers the elements, for example iron, sodium and carbon, which make up our world and what happens when you mix some of them together.

Physics is the study of energy, movement and how things like atoms, behave towards one another.

Some of the work will be in classrooms but you'll spend a lot of time in labs doing experiments to help you discover new ideas, ask questions and find answers, so you understand what's going on in the world around you.

You learn:

  • how these subjects overlap and affect one another, for example the body uses chemicals called enzymes to break down food
  • lots of interesting scientific words and apply some of the maths you've learnt to, for example work out how things move or what's happening inside organisms, in a chemical reaction.

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