handsPersonal, social and health education... offered in some schools

Your school may decide to cover PSHE topics in other ways, for example as part of another subject such as biology or design (as part of food technology). They may run special events on some of the topics, like careers or health, inviting in speakers or taking you out on visits to employers or government offices.

PSHE may also include Citizenship topics, such as democracy and justice, citizens and parliament, law and order, the democratic process, citizenship in the UK, global citizenship, rights and responsibilities, conflicting and competing rights, equality, individuals and communities, supporting and protecting rights.

PSHE will include some or all of the following:

  • healthy lifestyles, drugs and alcohol
  • making healthy choices and avoiding health risks, physical, mental and emotional health
  • puberty and sexual health
  • personal identity, roles and responsibilities, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • similarities and differences between people, understanding identity
  • religious education (your parents have the right to withdraw you from RE), sex and relationship education (SRE)
  • business and enterprise (self employment), including the economy
  • careers, your options, making sure your employable, further education
  • money and managing your personal finance
  • understanding and managing risk, staying safe, including esafety
  • relationships, feelings and emotions, friends and family, how relationships affect our lives, managing relationships, negative relationships, bullying, sexual relationships, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
  • sustainable development and the environment.


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