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Abbie PictureHow did you hear about your apprenticeship?

My employer told me about the apprenticeship that I would be taking part in.

When did you realise that an apprenticeship is what you wanted to do?

I attended all of my college induction days and didn’t like the college experience, it felt like just another high school setting. I realised I had out grown school and needed a new challenge.

Was it easy to get on your apprenticeship and what qualifications did you need?

To get on my apprenticeship course I only needed a C pass in English and maths, I had exceeded the requirements for my course and found it easy to get signed on.

What is it like working for your company?

I work for a company called Fusion Business Solutions Ltd, we do HR for over 100 schools across the country and multiple small businesses nationally. I’ve always enjoyed working for Fusion as I originally started at the company as a Saturday girl when I was 13. Everyone that works at Fusion is unique and are really passionate about the jobs. We have fun at Fusion, although the industry we work in is quite sensitive we are able to have a laugh and keep positive about work.

Did they give you training and if yes, what did the training involve? Did they give you enough support?

The team were really supportive in my training for work and my apprenticeship. I had an initial induction, which taught me the different procedures I would need to follow in order to complete my different responsibilities. Since then I have been lucky enough to go on-site to clients and get informal training of the different HR procedures that occur in schools.

What would you say are the perks of the job, the fun parts?

Everything is fun, even the [not so nice jobs] like emptying the bins, we make a game out of it.

What are the people like to work with?

I work with a great group of people; we all work really well together and can have a proper laugh. We regularly have a giddy 5-10 minutes when we’re going through a stressful period in order to try and relax a little. I’m quite lucky to work in an office full of woman and not have to deal with petty bickering and talking behind peoples back, which would normally be expected. We’re a team and a good group of friends that regularly go out together to concerts, meals out and the races.

How often did you attend college and what is your course?

I only attended college once for an ICT course. Other than that all my training was at work.

Did you like your course? How helpful were your tutors?

I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship year; I had a lovely assessor, Pat who works at Wakefield College. She was so helpful and would always give me as much time as I needed to go through my work with her.

How did doing an apprenticeship affect your social life?

My social life is a lot better than some of my friends as I am able to go out on nights and weekends without having to revise or do homework like a lot of friends. I definitely have more free time.

Did it help you to save money?

No, if anything I go out with my friends a lot more than I did at school and it always involves a shopping trip, a meal out or a drink. I was able to save money and bought my first car, insured it, taxed it and paid for all my driving lessons.

Did it provide you with the funds to treat yourself?

Yes! I’ve always been able to go out with my friends and family to enjoy a treat or two.

How did your apprenticeship help you personally?

I’ve definitely grounded myself a little and learnt to evaluate situations a bit better instead of being a typical teenager and blowing things out of proportion, which causes unnecessary drama. I was already a very confident and bubbly person but it has given me the confidence and skills to attend conferences and present my company.

How has your apprenticeship benefited you?

My apprenticeship has taught me loads of different skills to apply to my job that I wouldn’t have learnt through college. I’ve learnt how to stay calm in difficult situations, write documents to a professional standard and present to potential clients at conferences and presentations. I think my apprenticeship has taught me that you can’t do everything at 100mph and not burn yourself out. I’ve definitely learnt to manage my workload and priorities better which helps me give a better service to my clients.

What was the outcome at the end of your apprenticeship?

So far I have completed my Level 2 Diploma in Business and Administration. I am starting my Level 3.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to get up to an account manager level in the HR profession and have my MCiPD.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I hope to be working towards finishing my Level 7 CiPD qualification, which is the equivalent of a Masters Degree in HR.

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