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How did you hear about your apprenticeship?

I wanted to leave college so spoke to a careers adviser and friends who recommended I apply for apprenticeships via the apprenticeship website.

When did you realise that an apprenticeship is what you wanted to do?

After spending a year at college and taking my AS exams.

Why not college?

College wasn’t as much of a ‘hands on’ experience as I’d expected and was very academically based.

Was it easy to get on your apprenticeship and what qualifications did you need?

It was easy for me to get my apprenticeship, although it wasn’t based on GCSEs, it was based on my experience working in a retail environment as a volunteer on a weekend at a charity shop for two years that actually secured me the job.

What is it like working for your company?

Working for Joker 666 Tattoo and Piercing Studio is brilliant because you get to meet lots of new people who all want different things, and my employers are very supportive and make allowances for my other commitments eg ambassador training.

Did they give you training and if yes, what did the training involve? Did they give you enough support?

I didn’t really have any training as I started off doing a level two customer service qualification so learnt a lot of the skills on the job. I am training with The Source Skills Academy and they come to visit me whilst I’m at work once a month.  I’ve been able to progress all the way from level two and I’m currently working towards my level three and then will be moving on to level four, which is management - I will be a fully trained supervisor and will be learning management skills.. I did have some issues with the tutors at the beginning of the course with them not turning up but these issues have since been resolved and the assessor, which I have for my level three qualification is great. The hardest balance sometimes is finding time to do all of my coursework outside of work, especially if I’ve been working a lot but my assessor is very considerate of this fact and will give me as much work as I can manage.

What would you say are the perks of the job, the fun parts?

The half price on treatments, as well as being in an environment that is open and where everyone gets along.

Everyone where I work has a great sense of humour and we always have banter, which is great because it helps to pass the time if there isn’t a lot of customers.

How did doing an apprenticeship affect your social life?

It is hard sometimes when all of my friends' lives revolve around term-time holidays at college or university and I have to book time off of work in advance but it is better as well because you have a lot more freedom for example, proper days off where you don’t have to go into work at all rather than just late starts or early finishes at college.

Did it help you to save money?

At first I spent all of my wages as soon as I got them because this was the first paid job I’d ever had but then I learnt to start putting money aside and it’s helped me save up for things which I can’t pay for all at once like driving lessons. It’s really great getting paid because I’m now able to pay for things myself for example, gym membership, magazine subscriptions, holidays.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to either be managing all of the businesses that my boss owns, or to possibly even have my own business and have a proper degree in business administration.

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