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How did you hear about your apprenticeship?

I had work experience and heard about the opening then.

When did you realise that an apprenticeship is what you wanted to do?

During my AS level year, I found that I didn’t like the teaching and learning style, I wanted to try something else, this was it.

Why not college?

I didn’t like the teaching style. I much prefer working to college, college was not good at all.

Was it easy to get on your apprenticeship and what qualifications did you need?

Sort of, I found it by doing work experience, without that experience I don’t think I would have got it.

What is it like working for your company?

They're pretty good to work with, there’s a good amount of banter, which helps keeps things light.

Did they give you training and if yes, what did the training involve? Did they give you enough support?

I am currently training with QA Apprenticeships doing IT systems and networking, I attend training for a week or two every few weeks. My tutors for my training where AWESOME! Richard is really cool, which makes it all a lot better.

What would you say are the perks of the job, the fun parts?

Playing with computer is always been something I enjoy, now I do it for a living, it’s not bad.

Did it help you to save money?

Not really, for instance travel, is so much more expensive, ie a week is £20 rather than £7, things just cost more. Having money is awesome. I've now brought a £2,000 computer, which is evidently extremely powerful, and makes my mates jealous.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I still don’t know what I want to do with my life; I’ll see where this takes us.

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