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How did you hear about your apprenticeship?

Alongside my A level studies I completed a work experience placement at a local accountancy firm. I approached the manager towards the end of year 13 and enquired whether they could support me through my apprenticeship training. At first they said no as there was not a position available, however, they contacted me a couple of months later to say a vacancy had come available and they would like to offer me a position.

When did you realise that an apprenticeship is what you wanted to do?

When I was in the sixth form. I chose an apprenticeship rather than going to university because I felt it’d be more beneficial to me for a career in accountancy.

Was it easy to get on your apprenticeship and what qualifications did you need?

To get on my apprenticeship course I needed at least a C pass in English and maths, and A levels.

What is it like working for your company?

My apprenticeship is going very well and my work have been very supportive.

How often did you attend college and what is your course?

I’m currently at college one day a week studying AAT, I have passed my first year and currently doing my second year.

How did doing an apprenticeship affect your social life?

It is hard work trying to juggle your work and social life along with studying but if you’re determined to succeed, you will put in the amount of effort required.

Did it help you to save money?

Getting paid to succeed is like a bonus plus you basically get paid to go to college and study if you’re on day release. The thing that put me off going to university the most is how much everything costs and knowing you’re going to be in a lot of debt and potentially jobless at the end of it.

How did your apprenticeship help you personally?

I feel like I’ve gained a lot more experience working whilst studying as I’m able to use what I’ve learnt in real life situations and everyday at work.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

It would take me the same amount of time to become qualified through my apprenticeship than it would if I went to university. When you finish university, you’re effectively going to be starting at the bottom again trying to find the best job, where as with an apprenticeship you’re already starting at the bottom and by the time everyone else has finished university, you will be already qualified and have much more experience and hopefully would be guaranteed a permanent job where you already work.

What are your plans for the future?

My aim for the future is to become a certified or chartered accountant. My advice would be to think about what career you want to pursue and if there is a possibility to do an apprenticeship instead of university, I would go for it!


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