Full-time learning after Year 11

Student carrying booksColleges, sixth forms and training providers offer some or all of the following types of full-time courses:

  • Job specific - in subjects such as childcare, engineering, catering, motor vehicle or construction, such as joinery. They usually lead to NVQ or VQ qualifications.
  • Practical/vocational (or work-related) - in broader career-related courses, such as art and design, health and social care or business.  Good if you like projects and course work. They lead to qualifications, such as BTECs, Cambridge Nationals or Cambridge Technicals or A levels in applied subjects.
  • Academic - in a broad range of subjects, such as history, French or maths. Good if you like to study and you do well in exams.  They lead to qualifications, such as A levels and T levels. 

Look at Qualifications to find out more.

You can study at:

Female student

Case study

Beth Wilby

I’ve found college completely different from school but in a good way. I like the feel of the college I attend and also the different facilities, such as the coffee shops and dining area. One surprise has been the amount of work I need to complete on my level 3 BTEC (63kb PDF)

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Check out local schools, colleges and training provider websites and see 'More to explore' on the right of this page to find out more about local schools and colleges. If you want to study in Kirklees you can also look for courses on
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Some specialist courses are only available at other colleges in the region – Burnley, Manchester Leeds and elsewhere, such as some agriculture, building trades or music courses. Search Find a course and talk to your careers adviser in school or college.


Full-time learning option after Year 11

Check out our short video on full-time learning or # read about all your options after Year 11 (49kb PDF).



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