National Careers Week 2019

Supporting NCW#NCW 2019

4 to 9 March

It's your chance to really think about what your options for the future are, for example different career routes

Do you want to go to university or get an apprenticeship … which is right for you?

Learn more about jobs of the future. In 10 years time jobs that don’t exist now will be popular.

Why not find out more about the skills you can learn through traineeships and apprenticeships, skills that will help you 'rise to the top'

Careers advisers in your schools, colleges and our centres can help you think about your future, contact yours now
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10 Things to do for career success

  • Research - your career options on ckcareersonline
  • Be realistic - don't undersell or exaggerate your skills and abilities
  • Be organised - take the time to do applications properly
  • Future proof your skills - develop skills such as problem solving, communication as well as IT
  • Take advice - use the help available from careers advisers, teachers and college tutors
  • Think for yourself - consider a career that suits you and don't be swayed by such things as 'men's work' or 'women's work'
  • Learn - get the best qualifications you can
  • Be impressive - aim for good attendance and attitude to work
  • Have a back up plan
  • Think about the consequences - think how the decisions you make will affect your future

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