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Year 8/9 student

Young person thinking about the subjects they will studyStudents choose the subjects they will study in Years 9/10 and 11 ...

... during Year 8 or Year 9, depending on your child's school and will probably take them as national exams, such as GCSEs. As well as choosing what to study, they also need to think about how the subjects they choose will affect their plans after Year 11.

Careers advice

Careers advisers from C&K Careers work in most Calderdale and Kirklees schools and colleges. Advisers:

  • see students in groups to explain the help on offer. Offer drop-in sessions in schools over break or lunchtimes. You can also make an appointment if you have any concerns.
  • attend school parents evenings and Year 8 and 9 options events, where you and your child can to talk to them. Our 'Getting Started in Careers' booklet, outlining subject and course choice to parents and carers of Year 8 or 9 students is given out at these events. It is also available in Careers Info - see below.

Year 8/9 students also receive:

    • Directions: choosing your options in Year 8 or 9 - a C&K Careers workbook for schools to use with students. Also in 'Careers info' - see below.
    • Some schools produce their own booklet giving details of the options they offer for GCSEs, and other courses.
      • Check out the Year 8/9 page to see what they should be thinking about. 

You can help too by talking to them about their ideas – research suggests parents and carers are the single biggest influence on young people's careers choices.

Search for careers information:

          • Year 9 students will be given a login to search careersinfo logo for information on their option/subject choice, career and course ideas, and much more, as well as to access our booklets. Students in Year 8, wanting to use 'Careers info', should ask their careers adviser or teacher for a login.

Getting started in Careers 2018Getting started in Careers - decisions in Year 8 and 9, information for parents and carers


Need to contact us?

Get in touch with the careers team in school 


      • Ring 01484 242000 and ask for your careers adviser by name or press '0' to speak to someone who can help
      • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Get in touch with your nearest centre:

Page updated January 2018

Our careers advisers are based at:

Head Office
Huddersfield Careers Centre
24 High Street

T: 01484 242000