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SEND parent carer of Y10 11Need to contact us?

Get in touch with the careers team in school


  • Ring 01484 225500and ask for your careers adviser by name or press '0' to speak to someone who can help
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students with special educational needs and/or one or more disabilities, can get extra help, often up to the age of 25.

Our SEND team (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities) work with young people with special needs and/or disabilities in special schools or units. They offer advice and support to make sure they reach their potential and use their skills and talents.

Our careers adviser in mainstream schools can also offer extra support and involve the SEND team to make sure students get the help they need. These Remploy factsheets describe some of the conditions and disabilities that may require simple adjustments or additional support.

Careers advice

  • An SEND careers adviser will support and advise parents and carers of Year 8/9 students by:

- discussing any concerns about options after Year 11.

- attending individual reviews for students with an education healthcare plan (EHC).

- being available at option choice events.

  • ALL Year10/11 students get impartial and independent careers information and advice both individually and with groups of other young people to help them develop their skills and talents fully. Where necessary, young people with special needs and disabilities get extra help with finding out about and applying for careers and courses, apprenticeships and other options after Year 11.

Careers advisers:

- May attend individual reviews of students who have an education healthcare plan (EHC).

- Are available at parents evenings and careers events.

Careers information

Where appropriate:


What Next 2019What Next? - opportunities in Kirklees for students with severe or profound learning difficulties


  • Parents and carers of students choosing their GCSEand other exam options in Year8/9 will get a copy of our booklet explaining subject and course choices

Getting started in Careers 2018

Getting started in Careers - decisions in Year 8 and 9, information for parents and carers

  • Parents and carers of students choosing their options after Year 11 will get a copy of our guide to career and learning options at 16
Decisions in Year 11 2019 CK

Decisions in Year 11, 2019 - a guide for parents and carers to post-16 options


Where appropriate, students get their own copy of one of the following booklets:

Get Organised 2019 Get organised 2019 - a guide to your post-16 option

 GGet Ahead 2019et ahead 2019 - career and learning options at Entry level and Level 1

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Our careers advisers are based at:

Head Office
C & K Careers Ltd
78 John William Street

T: 01484 225500
F: 08724 464511