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Leaving college or sixth form and looking for a job or apprenticeship?

JobFAQs 2020 front cover JobFAQs 2020 booklet contains lots of vacancies. Go to careersinfo logo (login using the school or college password) or
                  ask school or college for a printed copy, available to Y12/13 leavers

Lookout for JobFAQS 2021, due out early December

There are already vacancies coming through for those of you leaving in 2021:

JobFAQS has vacancies from a lots of local and national employers across a range of career areas, in 2019 they included Airbus, Amey, Arla, BA, Barclays, Balfour Beatty, BBC, Boots, British Printing, Capgemini, Channel 4, Deloitte, Environment Agency, emergency services, First Direct, GCHQ, John Lewis, Kier, Lloyds, Marks and Spencer, NATS, Nestle, NHS, PDSA, Plexuslaw, Premier Inn, Starbucks, Syngenta, Rolls Royce, Royal Mail, Travel Lodge, Unilever, Yorkshire Water and many more. Many employers advertise for apprentices every year.

Also check out:

What is it like to start as an apprentice?

  • Follow our two apprentices, Jemma and Yvette's journeys as apprentices in the employer engagement team

Want to talk to someone about ...

... vacancies, a part-time job or job search? Ring 01484 242000, ask for 'Recruitline' or call into Dewsbury, Halifax or Huddersfield centre.

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