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Engineering apprenticesSTEM skills are important and demand for them is growing fast




Nearly 40% of UK employers report difficulties recruiting staff with relevant STEM skills. CBI.

Why choose STEM

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The demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) skills is growing. STEM is important in all our lives and its importance is increasing. STEM subjects can help you get into and be more effective in a range of careers.

  • Science is important in the production of food, to our health, in our leisure time and in our working lives

  • Technology is increasingly important to our every day life, in work and at home

  • Engineering is used in the design of buildings, roads, bridges, machines including those used in medicine, and is used in the protection of the environment

  • Maths is part of every job and activity we do, as well as the main skill for a range of jobs and careers

Science apprenticeThere is a huge range of careers for people with STEM-based skills

STEM ...

... qualifications are in demand in the job market and offer good long term career prospects
... organisations are very keen to recruit people to meet the shortage of skills they face
...  learning develops skills for solving problems, discovering new ideas, asking questions, finding answers, making things - food, materials and products

By 2023 science, research, engineering and technology jobs are expected to account for 7.8% of all jobs in the UK, this is the equivalent to 2.5m jobs. edfENERGY.

STEM organisations are keen to recruit people who represent ALL of us

Check out these YouTube videos:

STEM subjects are useful for ALL jobs ...

A transgender woman in a hospital gown speaking to her doctor a transgender man in an exam room

 ... but if you want to work in a STEM job, such as a scientist, researcher, lab technician, engineer, statistician, health profession, IT, games development and more, it is useful to have skills and qualities such as:

  • being organised
  • an eye for detail
  • having a common sense approach
  • the ability to record information accurately
  • good teamwork skills
  • practical and/or scientific skills
  • being questioning and interested
  • good problem-solving skills
  • good written and spoken communication skills

STEM websites:


This is engineering

Want to find out the range of opportunities in engineering, watch this video and the others in the series from the This is Engineering website.

Also check out our useful websites page for more links to industry sectors that are interested in people with STEM qualifications

STEM career match websites:


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