Vacancies placed with C&K Careers Recruitline...

... are mainly apprenticeships, trainee positions and entry level jobs

Some facts:

  • the number and type of vacancies varies depending on the time of year

  • apprentices move into other jobs with their employer for example, if you start in office and admin you might move into marketing, HR, logistics or other areas of the company

  • apprenticeship funding can be used to train anyone, there is no age restriction

  • you can go straight on to an apprenticeship - not ready? Ask about traineeships or other training

  • most job areas recruit new entrants but some sectors take very few 16 to 18 year olds

  • some employers find it hard to fill their vacancies and some school leavers think there are no jobs, so they choose other options such as college.

The number of vacancies in each sector placed with our Recruitline team between:

1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018:

Vacancies 2018

Most of the vacancies placed with Recruitline are apprenticeships - employers want new entrants who are keen on training.

Recruitline is not told about all local apprenticeships, so as well as searching our Recruitline vacancies 220wx24h, also search the National Apprenticeship Service website, both are here. For example, most textile vacancies are filled directly by the company or by the Textile Centre of Excellence.

In 2019, we're expecting to see more engineering apprenticeship vacancies. The number of apprenticeships may be affected by the government's levy (cost) charged to employers for training apprentices in bigger companies and by employers waiting to see what happens in the uncertain economic climate.


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