Work is changing ...

... and new jobs are appearing all the time 

new jobs


This may turn out to be untrue BUT what is true is ...

ALL job sectors are changing and jobs in them are changing too

New jobs are appearing and other jobs are going: 

Past Present Future Jobs 

More employers need people who are prepared to do some training to develop higher level skills, so many entry level jobs are apprenticeships or traineeships. There are fewer jobs without training.

It's important for you to:

  • be flexible and adaptable in work
  • have good levels of English, maths and IT - if you can, to at least level 2 (GCSE 9-4 or the old grades A*-C)
  • have good communication and other 'soft skills' - team working, organisational, time keeping, problem solving skills

It's important to keep your skills up to date and for you to learn new skills throughout your working life. Check out job profiles on the National Careers Service website

The number of jobs in the UK is increasing

Number of jobs in the UK

Technology isn't reducing the number of jobs but there are more part-time, temporary and 'zero hours' jobs

You will probably have more jobs in your life time due to changes in technology, society and the climate ...

 Sources: Department for Education, Leeds City Region

How the world of work is changing

Page updated March 2018

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