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As well as our Recruitline Vacancies Logo 220w, you can find vacancies advertised in newspapers, on job search and company websites and Jobcentre Plus. Many jobs are never advertised, so you should ask your family, friends and local employers about vacancies, and where possible leave some information about yourself, such as your CV.

Below are examples of and information on letters of application and CVs. There is also information on job hunting in careersinfo logo, including help with CVs, application forms and going for an interview, ask your careers adviser or teacher for the code to login. You can also use social media to find jobs but before you do, watch this National Careers Service video to make sure you avoid the pitfalls.

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Job search tips, as told to recently qualified apprentice Lorna, by apprentice Paige. Listen to Paige talking to Lorna or read it (260kb PDF). See the full interview on our YouTube Channel

Need a CV?

A CV is a statement about you and what you can do. Use it to tell an employer why they should think about interviewing you, including your:
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Personal characteristics
  • Academic and other achievements
Need to check out health concerns? Contact your nearest Health & Safety Executive for advice about employment and medical conditions.

Don’t underestimate yourself but be sure you can prove what you say. Think about what is most important to the type of employer you want to work for AND think about the order you say things in. It should be no more than two sides of A4 and clearly set out, using headings, spaces and bullet points. Hold overseas qualifications and need to know the UK equivalent? - check UK NARIC

We look for people who like to solve problems ... and talk to each other to improve processes. Manager, Cummins Huddersfield.

Choose the right template for you:

Tip: if you're adding a CV to a jobsite or employer website you're not sure about don't include personal information like your NI number or address, or the name and address of your referee(s)

I have little or no work experience 

I have done lots of different jobs

I've got experience but want to apply for a job I have never done before

I want to continue in the type of  job I've done before

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Try some of these other sources of help


  • Search Careers info for 'CVs'
  • There are CV tips on Find a job - you need to create an account first
  • Get Safe Online - advice on protecting your information, identity and staying safe 
  • Check out this example of an interactive CV, sometimes called a resume, produced by Robby Leonardi

Video interviews

  • prepare in the same way
  • Check your equipment works and the sound is turned up
  • Look at the camera not the screen
  • Think about what you are wearing - dress for the job
  • Make sure the background is ok and that you won't be interrupted
  • Check out these tips on video interviews and telephone interviews from Prospects, they're aimed at graduates but much of the advice is useful to everyone

Need help writing a covering letter or spec letter to send with your CV or application form?

Example letters

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