Vacancies placed with C&K Careers Recruitline...

...are mainly apprenticeships, trainee positions and entry level jobs

Some facts:

  • the number and type of vacancies varies depending on the time of year
  • apprenticeship funding can be used to train anyone, there is no age restriction
  • you can go straight on to an apprenticeship - not ready? Ask about traineeships or other training
  • most job areas recruit new entrants but some sectors take very few 16 to 18 year olds
  • apprentices move into other jobs for example, if you start in office and admin you might move into marketing, HR or logistics
  • some employers find it hard to fill their vacancies and some school leavers think there are no jobs, so they choose other options such as college.

The number of vacancies in each sector placed with our Recruitline team between:

Most of the vacancies placed with Recruitline are apprenticeships - employers want new entrants who are keen on training. Recruitline is not told about all local apprenticeships, so as well as searching our Recruitline vacancies 220wx24h, also search the National Apprenticeship Service website, both are here. For example, most textile vacancies are filled directly by the company or by the Textilt Centre of Excellence.

1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017:

Recruitline vacancies 2017

1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016:

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Running your own business

Self employment young woman on the phoneIf you want to run your own business or develop a business idea...

... there's lots to think about:

  • what is your business offering?
  • who will be your customers - is there a market for your products or service?
  • where and how will you run your business?
  • what is the competition?
  • how do you let people know about your offer?
  • what will it cost to start your business?
  • what will you live off until your business makes a profit?

You'll need to find out about any laws that apply to your business and about things like tax and National Insurance, so it's important to get advice early.

If you are going to run a successful business, you'll neeed to make sure you have the right skills, do your research and write a business plan - if you want to borrow money to help you get started a plan is very important.

Around 20% of new businesses fail in their first year and 50% fail in their first three years. Department for Business.

Still interested?

There is plenty of information on self-employment and the support available to make sure YOU succeed.


  • Login and search careersinfo logo for 'self-employment' to find our leaflets with lots of information on starting a business

Check out these websites for courses, funding and advice:


Self-employment option after Year 11

Check out our video on running your own business and studying part-time or read about all your options after Year 11 (49kb PDF).

Need to contact us?

Your C&K Careers school or college careers adviser can help and advise you – get in touch with the careers team in school/college.


Get in touch with your nearest centre:

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Jobs in Calderdale

Halifax town centreMost of the employers in Calderdale are small or medium in size.

But several large employers account for a large number of the jobs, so its important that job hunters look at both larger and smaller employers. Start by searching for local vacancies 

Key sectors that are expected to produce growth are:

  • Creative and digital industries
  • Financial and business services
  • Advanced manufacturing and engineering
  • Green businesses
  • Accommodation and food
The following companies are listed in the London Stock Exchange Group '1000 companies to inspire Britain', a directory of fastest growing small and medium-sized companies:

Hargreaves Foundry

Iron castings


Abram Pullman and Sons

Steel stockholding and processing


Aflex Hose Ltd

PTFE hose manufacture

Sowerby Bridge

James Clay Specialist

Beer importer and distributor


Leo Group Waste

Management and recycling


Polyframe Trade Ltd Windows manufacturer Halifax

Examples of companies in Calderdale's key sectors (141kb PDF)

A lot of jobs are thought to be filled by word of mouth, the list below provides ...

... a guide to the most frequently advertised vacancies online only in 2017:

Programmers and software development professionals
Other administrative occupations n.e.c.* 
Management consultants and business analysts
Business sales executives  
Care workers and home carers 
Sales related occupations n.e.c.* 
Web design and development professionals
Bookkeepers, payroll managers and wages clerks
Human resources and industrial relations officers

Main occupational groups advertised online only:
Information technology and telecommunications professionals
Business, research and administrative professionals
Teaching and educational professionals
Sales related occupations
Nursing and midwifery professionals
Caring personal services
Engineering professionals
Other administrative occupations
Sales, marketing and related associate professionals
Science, engineering and production technicians



Source: Labour Insight, Burning Glass Solutions January 2018                   *n.e.c. - not elsewhere classified

The sectors with the largest numbers of employees in Calderdale in 2016 were:

Sector No. of employees 2015 No. of employees 2016 Trend
Business administration & support services 18,000 17,000 down arrow
Manufacturing 14,000 12,000 down arrow
Health and social care 10,000 10,000


Education 8,000 8,000


Financial and insurance 8,000 7,000

down arrow

Retail 7,000 7,000


Professional, scientific and technical  4,500 5,000 up arrow
Wholesale 4,000 5,000 up arrow
Accommodation and food servicesConstruction 6,000 5,000

down arrow

 Construction 4,000 4,000


Arts, entertainment, recreation & other services 3,500 4,000 up arrow

Source: BRES via NOMIS January 2018 (data rounded to nearest 100)

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