Beginning to think about yourself and your future?

Young person thinking of the futureIt isn’t too soon to start...

...learning new skills and about the world of work. The sooner you start the more you'll be ready to make decisions in the future about your learning and career plans – the career you choose will affect:

  • your lifestyle and income
  • your outlook on life
  • the friends you make

Careers lessons and information in school, as well as help and advice from your careers adviser will help you get ready to make these decisions.


You Are Amazing

Check out Kirklees and what it has to offer. See how your career ideas might change, what jobs are likely to be on offer in Kirklees in the future, what skills you'll need and how to get them.

Think about how you've changed, your ideas about jobs have changed and how you might start to think about jobs and careers now you're older. All jobs are for everyone, so it's not too soon to get thinking and planning. Watch the 'Amazing' video or read it (78kb PDF). Also available on our You Tube channel.

Career timeline CKOur Career Timeline suggests when to start thinking about your future learning and career plans 
(58kb PDF).

Get started on your career journey with the job profiles on the National Career Service website

Struggling to understand some of the 'careers' words and phrases, check out our Careers Jargon Buster
(118kb PDF).

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