Options after Year 11?

Year 11 students doing examsBefore choosing you need to think about a few things

How do you learn? What kind of person are you? What are you good at ... interested in? What exam results are you likely to get?

  • Use the information below to start you thinking
  • Talk to the people that know you ...
  • And your C&K careers school or college adviser

Don't forget Raising the Participation Age means you must now stay in training or learning until you are 18.

The fact that I'm 15 and am being asked to make huge choices that dictate the rest of my life. I can't drive, drink etc but I'm expected to decide the course of my existence - the decisions I make now will affect what outcomes I will experience in the future. Year 11 student, commenting on the importance of careers guidance.

Your options are:

Quick guide to your options after Year 11 2019 CK Quick guide to your options after year 11 - in Calderdale and Kirklees

School and college open events and application closing dates 2018/19

The Government is encouraging more young people to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects because they will give you the skills you need for a wide range of jobs but remember it's important to make sure you choose a course or subjects that you like and are good at. Check out Why STEM careers and our useful websites page to see the careers available when you study science and maths.


                  • Login and search careersinfo logo for our guides to:

Get Organised 2019 CK Get organised 2019 - a guide to your post-16 options


Get Ahead 2018 Get Ahead 2019 - career and learning options at Entry level and Level 1



Options after Year 11

Check out our video on your choices are after Year 11 or read it (49kb PDF). Not got much time? See our short guide video

Also see our interview with Adam on choosing your options via our YouTube Channel or read it (141kb PDF).

Timing is important

Not sure when to start? Our Year 10 calendar will help you start planning and our Year 11 calendar will help make sure you don't miss out (67-68kb PDF).

Need to contact us?

Your C&K Careers school or college careers adviser can help and advise you – get in touch with the careers team in school/college.


              • Ring 01484 225500 and press '0' to speak to someone who can help
              • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please include a phone number, so we can contact you

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